Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rhythms, music... over Israeli occupation...

Rhythms, music...over Israeli occupation...

Ayman Quader

10 October 2009

Gaza, October 10, 2009 (Pal Telegraph)Still the people of Palestine live under the cruel Israeli occupation which creates severe suffering for the people. The suffering of the people living in the Gaza Strip has been greatly increased as the nearly 4-year brutal siege suffocates all aspects of life in the Strip. The situation on the ground is dire as 1.5 million residents of the Strip have been denied their basic daily life needs, food, and freedom of movement.

There have been, internationally and locally, many activities carried out by people who always love and express solidarity for the people of Palestine and the Gaza Strip. These activities reflect the kind-heartedness of those people to shine a light on the ongoing abuse of human rights on the Gaza Strip and attract attention to the situation there. Indeed, the act of non-violent resistance is very effective as a means of creating change and working for social justice.

In a recent article I wrote with my friend Sameh Habeeb,, we examined the non-violent activities that have been successfully launched in the Gaza Strip, focusing on the results of these efforts, which have helped to bring the situation of the Gaza Strip to the attention of the international community.

Once again the voices of people and artists are supporting the besieged Gaza in a unique event that will take place soon in Dublin, called, Two cities – One Concert . On 16th October, Dublin will extend the hand of friendship to the city of Gaza when a very special concert will be transmitted live from Tripod in Dublin and beamed LIVE to Gaza City – Two cities, One concert.

Great Irish musicians will join this concert to celebrate and raise voices toward what's going on in the Gaza Strip. Celebrated musicians Irish Liam Ó Maonlaí, Lumiere, Kíla, Naisrin and Zahara El Safty will be joined on the bill by Palestinian singer Shadia Mansour,

and Dublin based Discovery Gospel Choir, who will perform with renowned Iraqi/English Rapper MC Lowkey. A night of brilliant music with a big message, the concert will be broadcast live on a big screen in Gaza city allowing the people of Gaza to enjoy the concert in Dublin and they in turn will say something to the Irish audience.

William Nassar is a renowned Palestinian composer, songwriter and performer. He's been active in the struggle for Gaza through concerts, writing articles and demonstrations. He received the Order of Merit of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture

The organizers of this event stated that this evening will celebrate culture by the use of music to unite both the people of Gaza and the people of Ireland. Additionally, the organizers of the concert try to send a clear message that Gaza is not alone and there are many people around the world expressing solidarity with its people. The main goal of this concert is to raise funds needed for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip.

In another step to show solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip, there will be international groups marching to Rafah border in coming December. The great FREEDOM MARCH will include hundreds of international dignitaries and human rights activists who will come to Gaza to express comprehensive solidarity with 1.5 million Gazans living under the siege.

The March aims to strengthen international solidarity toward the daily Palestinian suffering and to put moral and legal pressure on the international community to take its responsibilities in alleviating the Palestinian tragedy, enable them to rebuild their own homes, and to live in peace & security.

To raise a voice is better than to keep passive. The resistance of the words is a very powerful tool for change. As we are people of Palestine living under the Israeli occupation, we have the complete right to resist and to gather international voices by the means of non-violent approaches. We will never give up till we are free.

Ayman T. Quader
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Pia Qu said...

I will share your blog to fb, thanks!

Dessa mina minsta bröder said...

I am a Christian living in Sweden, it is now 30 years since I last visited the Gaza Strip, 1 year ago I visited the West Bank. I remember the hospitality ofthe people in the Gaza Strip. I suffer with you in your location, with my blog, I try to create for your opinons.
God bless you in Gaza. I support you.