Friday, 13 March 2009

Black Rain in Gaza

Black Rain


The 23-days cruel war on the Gaza Strip has attracted the attention of the media correspondents and camera crews. Although the media has reported stories about families who experienced these atrocities, the images of massive destruction of houses that left thousands of Gazans homeless and casualties among civilians are still striking

Husam Darweesh Al Louh is a 10-year-old dynamic boy dwells with his simple family in Al-Moghraq village, south of Gaza city. Husam and his family were obliged to evacuate their house as it is just 300 meters far from the missiles of tanks. "After the war had started, we decided not to leave our home and we thought that the Israelis wouldn’t reach us" said Husam. On the 4th of January, the Israeli tanks were positioned at the former Israeli settlement Netzareem as they settled their for long time. From that position, the Israeli soldiers launched strikes and shells against civilian areas like the rest of the Gaza Strip territories.

"We were fleeing from death to death" the mother of Hussam said. she was confused; her simple family was sheltered into two different places. What used to be a safe place was no longer safe anymore. There was no safe place in the Gaza Strip. "We had spent days and nights full of horror and fear" the mother said in a very grave condition. The situation was worsening in Hussam’s neighborhood , his family found itself was compelled to leave their house under the dreadful Israeli shelling and bombing. "We were forced due the enormous shelling to fell out of our home" said the mother. It is worthily to mention that the house of the family is made of tin sheets which for sure not safe from the ceil.

Darweesh , the breadwinner for the family, had not words to tell us when I asked him. "What did you think as a father? What feelings did you go through at that time? What happened to your sons Hussam and Rami?" questions I couldn’t be able to control myself when I ask him. Darweesh took a deep breath; "I called one of my neighbors to take shelter in his house as it was safer than my area" said Darweesh.

Darweesh has four young children and three girls. He split his family into two groups: one stayed in his neighbor’s house so they would not be in one place and the other group of the family sheltered in one of the UNRWA schools. . For two days the family was leaving its house and taking shelter in the neighbor’s house.

Mid day of January 6th, the two young siblings, Hussam, Rami and other 13 members of their neighbors were directly targeted by three Israeli tank shells fired from the Israeli position near their house.

“I alongside with my brother and other 13 of my neighbors were walking in the street, Salah El Dean main Street when the shells began to be fired". The whole group was close to each other “I don’t know why they targeted us as it was known for the Israelis that we were all civilians".

Omer one of the injured people said " I was in my way to get some food from the market for my family when the soldiers were firing the indiscriminately shells over our heads and everywhere around us."

The shrapnel of the internationally banned shells fired against Hussam and the others dismembered their bodies over the street. Hassam suffers from severe injury in his legs; doctors diagnosed that he needs immediate physiotherapy treatment. “My life has gravely changed and I got to see the whole world from the dark side. I will never forget that day" said Hussam.

We would find no words to describe the situation in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis has always claimed that what happened in Gaza is an act of self-defense against terrorism. However, the number of casualties refute the Israeli claims. The Israeli operation has resulted in thousands casualties among Gazans who were either killed or wounded or traumatized. Half of the casualties were children and women. That war has resulted in incredible devastation among which schools, universities and mosques. It was a war against humanity, justice and freedom

Where Hussam was hit

The main Salah Al Dean Street where Hussam and his group were targeted by Israeli missiles.

Xray of Hussam

Inhuman Crimes against innosence

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Serge Adam said...

Je viens de lire ton article sur le site Info Palestine et je déplore la situation qui est fait a votre peuple. Nous les Québécois qui habitons le Canada appuons votre cause et nous sommes solidaire.
Excuse me I talk very bad in english but I support your movement.