Sunday, 15 March 2009

Living Without a Bathroom

Humanitarian Case under Siege

Living without a bathroom

Shaban El-Bobali is a 47-year- old man living in EL-Maghzi refugee camp in Gaza strip. Shaban represents one of many families that living in the same situation or even worst because of the drastic Israeli siege on Gaza Strip. Shaban and his family are living in a very miserable situation where they live in a 45-meter house without bathroom and without any resources. 'Death, Destruction, Casualties, Martyrs, and Siege also' Words chosen by Shaban's wife to describe the suffering they are living. Due to the imposed Israeli siege that has been continuing for almost 25 months, Shaban El-Bobali was left unemployed and unable to support his family as many Palestinians citizen. Shaban wishes to live in an acceptable life, dreaming to get stable job that will help his kids to complete their study and have a better future.

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cylia said...

Hi, you're blog is very impressive, it's exactly what people need to know about Palestinians. What's happening to them could happen to everybody if they had to face the zionists, the real terrorists. I'm interested in translate these testimonies in french, if you're ok of course. I leave my gmail id, let me know if you're interested, i do think we should share this to the world in every language possible. :)

Keep up the good work